1/29/18: Chapter 15 Quiz

Sorry I couldn’t make it today. I have the flu.

Here is your assignment for the day:

Using the old U.S. History textbook, make your own Chapter 15 quiz.

5 Questions should be multiple choice.

5 Questions should be True or False

5 Questions should be Fill-in-the-Blank


Make a seperate key for the answers.

Make sure your quiz questions are good, high order thinking questions. Basic or non-sensical questions will give you a lower grade.

You will staple the quiz, to the Chapter 15 Vocabulary, to the Chapter 15 Outline, and turn them all in to me on Wednesday before your 12-15 TEST.

On the way out, be sure to take a picture of the 12-15 Study Guide. It should be on my test. Don’t take a copy, though. I only have about 10 of them because my printer has the flu, too.